Core NHS Values

Learning outcomes:

  1. Learn what is meant by values, and identify your core values.
  2. Understand The NHS values and how this works with recruitment.
  3. Identify how your values match The NHS values.
  4. Plan your NHS values interview answers.

When applying for any healthcare course or role in the NHS, successful candidates will need to demonstrate their commitment to the six core NHS values.

Get started by getting to grips with the meaning of values-based recruitment by clicking on the first activity below.

Next plan your NHS values interview answers by exploring what each of the six core NHS values means to you and create a downloadable action plan for each one.

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All NHS-funded Higher Education courses are required to follow a specific recruitment framework, which includes demonstrating the core NHS values. Find out more about what that might mean for you and your student journey.

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The NHS is built on the importance of all staff working together to provide reliable, compassionate care for all patients. This core value means putting patient interests first - above any institutional interests and boundaries.

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Every person that comes into contact with the NHS should always be treated with respect and dignity. This core value involves respecting everyone’s personal aspirations, needs and privacy as well as promoting equality and diversity in the workplace.

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Throughout the NHS, staff and patients collaborate to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care possible. This core value means that continuous feedback and evaluation is necessary to ensure that any and all improvements can be made.

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Treating individual patients, carers and relatives with sensitivity and kindness is a core NHS Value. This means NHS staff will search for things they can do, however small, to give comfort and relieve suffering. Equally, NHS staff should also expect to work in an environment that is compassionate and inclusive.

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The NHS ensures that patient’s receive treatment that prioritises their health and wellbeing in all aspects of their life. This core NHS value means considering physical and mental wellbeing alongside they’re ability to carry out daily activities. As part of this commitment, the NHS also provides health information and promotes healthy living to the public as a whole.

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Resources should be fairly distributed and no one is discriminated against or left behind to ensure NHS services are maximised for the benefit of everyone. This is a core NHS value and guides work and decision making.

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