Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Chiropodists and podiatrists provide essential assessment, evaluation of the feet. Many of their patients may have high risk conditions such as diabetes, cerebral palsy, and nerve damage, where podiatric care is of vital importance. Many podiatrists become further specialised into either an area of surgery or biomechanics, which looks at any lower limb abnormalities that may cause pain or discomfort.



Podiatrist: Career Casenotes 

Check out all the vitals for a career as a podiatrist:

Clipboard on background of medical illustrations that reads: Profession: Podiatrist Essential Qualifications: BSC Degree or Degree Apprenticeship in podiatry Frequently works in: GP practice, health centre, hospital, patient’s homes Frequently works with: doctors, physiotherapists, podiatry assistants  Average working Hours: 37.5 hours and may include working some evenings or weekends Key skills: Hands-on approach, patience, attention to detail, communication