Drama Therapists

Drama Therapists draw on a combination of fields to use performance arts as a medium for psychological therapy. Clients are able to explore a wide variety of different issues and needs including autism, dementia, trauma and mental illness. Drama therapists work in many contexts such as schools, mental health care, general health social care, prisons and in the voluntary sector.



Drama Therapist: Career Casenotes

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Graphic of a clipboard on background of medical illustrations that reads:  Profession: Drama Therapist Essential Qualifications: MA degree in Drama therpay, Degree in drama, a psychological health related subject or a  relevant professional qualification, such as nursing, teaching, occupational therapy or social work Psychotherapy practices, social services, adult care homes, schools Frequently works with: Psychologists, social workers, teachers, learning disability nurses Key skills: Creative, flexible, resourceful, resilient, sensitive, theatre skills, communication skills