Operating Department Practitioners

Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) typically work in operating departments and support each phase of a patient’s care before, during, and after surgery. Their role includes administering anaesthetic, preparing all the necessary equipment and instruments for operations, and providing these to the surgical team during the operation. ODPs will also support the patient throughout their time in the recovery unit, assessing vitals and fitness for return to the ward. 

Operating department practitioner: Career Case notes 

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Graphic of a clipboard on background of medical illustrations that reads: Profession: Operating Department Practitioners  Essential Qualifications: A diploma of higher education, degree or degree apprenticeship in operating department practice Frequently works in: Hospitals - Surgical operating departments, Accident and Emergency units, recovery units Frequently works with: Surgeons, radiographers, nurses, physician assistants Average working hours: 37.5 hours with the need to work flexibly over a seven day period Key skills: Active listening skills, attention to detail, adaptability, able to stay calm under pressure