Medicine is a fascinating field of study which combines science and clinical learning so that you are able to apply scientific knowledge and concepts to your clinical practice. A medicine degree is varied and suited to the intellectually curious, as well as those who possess integrity, empathy and compassion.  

In the UK, the medical degree is based around preparing for a career as a doctor in the National Health Service. The profession has a reputation for having immeasurably changed society for the better and as a result doctors are highly trusted by the public. Respect for others and an interest in and concern for their needs is essential.

Doctors’ roles are intellectually stimulating, practically challenging and immeasurably rewarding. However, practising medicine can be emotionally and physically demanding and is not suited to everyone. You need to be sure that medicine is the right choice for you. There is no better way find out than researching the career, seeing it in action and talking to those who provide healthcare.

During the early years of the course you will mainly be university based and you will build up your knowledge of applied life sciences such as anatomy and physiology, and learn about disease processes as well as the major systems of the body. The latter years of the course will focus on developing your clinical skills. You will practise physical examinations and learn how to conduct consultations while rotating through the major clinical specialties. Throughout the course, you will learn about medical ethics and the professionalism required to become a doctor, and develop your non cognitive skills, such as communication and team working skills.

Each medical school is slightly different in terms of their curriculum but all will lead to the same outcomes required by the General Medical Council. Graduates who wish to practise medicine in the UK then go on to apply to the Foundation Programme. This is a two-year training programme for newly qualified doctors.


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