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What are the Allied Health Professions

Find out more about the different Allied Health Professions (AHP) and what a career in each of them could involve

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Occupational Therapy Activity

Explore a pathway in Occupational Therapy (OT) with this activity. Find out what OT is, and the experience of a student on an OT placement. With interactive activities to help build your knowledge, this page is great for anyone exploring their options within the Allied Healthcare Professions.

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Paramedic Science Activity

Find out if a career in Paramedic Science is right for you with this interactive activity. With advice on why you should choose Paramedic Science, a day in the life of a placement student, quizzes to test your knowledge and much more!

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Physiotherapy Activity

Learn about Physiotherapy and the role of the Physiotherapist in this activity. With information on where you would work, what service you could work in, the skills you would need and more! Have a go at the interactive activities to help build your knowledge. This page is helpful to anyone exploring the option of Physiotherapy.

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Therapeutic Radiography Activity

Delve into the career of a Therapeutic Radiographer in this activity. With information on why you should choose Therapeutic Radiography, what the role involves, and what’s it like to be a student Therapeutic Radiographer. This activity will help you learn about the skills you need while developing your knowledge on Therapeutic Radiography.

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