Allied health professions

The Allied Health Professions (AHPs) include 14 degree level professions. AHPs work with all ages of clients from birth to old age and their focus is on prevention and improvement of health and wellbeing to maximise the potential for individuals to live full and active lives. AHPs work in many settings, including: the NHS, private practice, industry, sport, media, publishing, local authority social care services, schools, prisons, voluntary and independent sectors, and vocational and employment rehabilitation services as well as in education and research.



Take part in exploration activities focused on the Allied Health Professions. Explore different career options and find out what pathways you can take to achieve your desired profession.

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Plan your own pathway by looking at the work experience and opportunities that are available to you, look through useful resources, and try our values activity to build on your skills and experience ready for your future.

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Become - Creating an Action Plan

Use our interactive tool to create your own personalised action plan to help you explore your future and plan your pathway to it

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